Ten Best sidewalk chalk for toddlers – In Depth Guide For You

Last Updated on March 21, 2023

In this article, we‘ll be highlighting the main features of the top-rated sidewalk chalk for toddlers out there.

Each individual feature will be defined, and then described to help you decide which product is best suited for you.

If you’re looking for the sidewalk chalk for toddlers, you’re in the right place!

we will be discussing some of the best sidewalk chalk for toddlers on the market today. We’ll also be providing a buyer’s guide to help you choose the best one for your needs.

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Best sidewalk chalk for toddlers – Comparison

Top 10 Best sidewalk chalk for toddlers Reviews

READY 2 LEARN Easy Grip Chalk - 6 Colors - 18m+ - Non-Toxic Toddler Sidewalk Chalk - Easiest to Hold - Refills Available


  • KID-FRIENDLY GRIP -- These chalk pieces feature spherical plastic handles which nest comfortably in small hands. Perfect for those with special needs.
  • EASY REFILLS -- After the chalk is used up, you can easily replace it with our chalk refills (CE6914). Simply screw in the new pieces and you're ready to create again.
  • 6 DIFFERENT COLORS -- Includes 6 different colors: red, green, yellow, blue, orange and white
  • LONG LASTING CHALK -- Unlike other chalk shapes, our chalk is cone-shaped. This design makes the chalk virtually unbreakable. No more snapping chalk pieces.
  • NO MESSY HANDS -- The plastic handles feature a ball-shaped design for kids to grip. That means little hands stay clean as they draw and color.

Crayola Washable Sidewalk Chalk, Outdoor Toy, Gift for Kids, 16 Count


  • 16ct
  • Washable
  • Kids Gift
  • Nontoxic

Regal Games Sidewalk Glitter Egg Chalk, 6 Count Chalk, Non-Toxic, Washable, Art Set


  • 6 PIECES: Our 6 set of sidewalk Easter shaped eggs includes 6 different chalk colors and is packaged in a novelty egg carton for easy transport and storage
  • 6 SPARKLY COLORS: Choose from six different glittery chalk colors and allow your creativity to be limitless whether it’s inside the classroom, on the chalkboard, or outside on the sidewalk or driveway
  • EASY TO HOLD: Each piece of easter chalk is shaped like an egg and has a rounded edges for an easy grip for all spring crafts
  • QUALITY: Our Chalk Farm sidewalk chalk is safe, non-toxic, washable and specially formulated to minimize chalk dust so it can be safely used indoors and outdoors
  • HOURS OF FUN: Children and adults of all ages can all enjoy using sidewalk chalk to play hopscotch, tic-tac-toe, create artistic and fun drawings, or collaborate on school art projects

Chalk City Sidewalk Chalk, 20 Count (Basic)


  • Jumbo 4" Sidewalk Chalks
  • Sidewalk Chalk is 7 Colors - Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and White
  • Washable Sidewalk Chalk
  • Tapered Conical Shape - Won't Roll Away
  • Handy Plastic Bucket with Handle

Sunny Days Entertainment CoComelon Jumbo Chalk Holders | 5 Chalk Holders for Kids | Toddler Sidewalk Chalk


  • 5 BRIGHT COLORS AND CHARACTERS: Set includes 5 pieces of jumbo chalk in rainbow colors, each with their own matching CoComelon character holder to keep hands clean from chalk dust.
  • ADJUSTABLE HOLDERS: The adjustable holders are inspired by the educational YouTube series, CoComelon. Move them upward so you can get the most out of each chalk piece.
  • CREATIVE OUTDOOR PLAY: Kids can draw pictures or play games on sidewalks, concrete or chalkboards. It's a great tool to unleash creativity, get active or strengthen color recognition.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: When you're finished, the chalk is easy to clean and washes away with water so you can start fresh tomorrow!
  • DESIGNED FOR SAFETY: This sidewalk chalk is made with nontoxic materials and is safe for children ages 3 and up!

Crayola Washable Sidewalk Chalk for Kids (5ct), Tie Dye Chalk Sticks, Outdoor Toy, Stocking Stuffers, Gift


  • SPECIAL EFFECTS: Crayola Tie-dye chalk produces groovy color laydowns that are different every time! Perfect for adding far-out styles to your outdoor sidewalk creations. Includes five specially shaped sticks that won't roll away.
  • WASHABLE ART: As with any Crayola Sidewalk Chalk, your designs are completely washable and come off with a garden hose or the next rainy day!
  • CREATIVE PROJECTS: Whether you're creating a landscape masterpiece or decorating t-shirts with your Girl Scouts troop, Crayola has the markers, pens, kids markers, paints, colored pencils & crayons you need to make your project pop in bold, bright colors.
  • OUTDOOR PLAY: Crayola outdoor play toys & activities make it fun for kids to put down those screens and head outside. This isn’t just the simple chalk of your youth! We have glitter, neon, and 3D chalk, as well as other outdoor toys like colored bubbles!
  • FROM MARKERS TO SIDEWALK CHALK: Markers for kids or adults, washable paints, bright crayons, even scented markers, we've got it all! Crayola gives kids the power to express all that inspires them as they explore, discover, play, pretend, create & dream.

Sidewalk Chalk For Kids Bucket of 20 Pieces Great Easter Basket Stuffers Street Chalk For Kids | Bulk Sets | Sidewaalk Colored Outside Washable Set | Great Christmas Stocking Stuffer Gift Idea


  • Sidewalk Chalk For Toddlers Kids Teens Adults
  • Great as Adult Easter Basket Stuffers, and Teen Easter Basket Stuffers
  • Great as Teen Easter Basket Ideas And Easter Basket Stuffers For Teens Boys & Girls

M2YL1DAO Sidewalk Chalk For Kids Toddlers, Washable, Non-Toxic, Jumbo Chalks, 24 Pcs 8 Colors, 2 Chalk Holders, Kid Art Set, Outdoor Game, Gift for Kids


  • SUPER VALUE PACK: Our kids art set includes 24 pcs chalks, 8 vibrant colors is packed in a plastic box with lid handle, easy carrying and storage. No need to worry about beloved chalk being damp and messy. 2 colorful chalk holder, will protect your hands from direct contact with chalk, keep fingers clean, also avoid cracking of chalks, effectively reduce waste.
  • PERFECT CHOICE: The color sidewalk chalk bulk allows your creativity to be limitless whether it’s inside the classroom on the chalkboard, or outside on the sidewalk or driveway, If you have free time, so it's fun to relax by sitting outside and drawing a picture.
  • COMFORTABLE TO HOLD: The chalk design is(size:1" DIA,4" H) easy to hold and comfortable for kids. This sidewalk chalk set makes a great gift for girls and boys.
  • SAFE QUALITY: Our sidewalk chalk is safe, washable, dust free, non toxic, don't worry about getting it on your clothes, it's easy to wash off, and it's 100% safe for children!
  • WIDELY APPLICATION: Our vibrant sidewalk chalk bucket is suitable for office, warning sign, board menu and artistic set. Suitable for children and adults of all ages. Loads of fun!

Crayola Chalk 12ct


  • One player
  • Vibrant coloured pavement chalks in 12 different colours. Simply rinse with water
  • Colour: various
  • Product packaging dimensions: 6.908 x 9.804 x 8.788 W Centimetres
  • Washable pavement chalks in vibrant colours. A wide range of colours for unlimited creativity. The square shape prevents them from rolling. Simply rinse with water when you want to erase the design

BERNARD'S - 24-Piece Sidewalk Chalk with a Twist, Multi-Colored Jumbo Chalk for Kids, With 2 Chalk Holders and Carrying Case, Non-Toxic, Washable Chalk for Indoor/Outdoor Art Play


  • Perfect Indoor/Outdoor Chalk Kit - Let your little ones draw on blackboard or any concrete surface with this superb Sidewalk Chalk Set! It contains 24 multi-colored jumbo chalks with fun designs to inspire hours of fun-filled art activities.
  • Easy Grip Chalk that Kids Love - Each pack includes 2 holders specially designed for our thick pieces of chalk. They help reduce dust while letting your young artist easily create more vibrant art on concrete driveways, footpaths and streets.
  • Washes Off Easily - Whether used on asphalt, brick or pavement, our chalk for toddlers is easy to clean up. Unlike sidewalk spray chalk or tie-dye chalk crayons, ours don’t leave a permanent mess because they can be removed without hassles.
  • Convenient to Carry Anywhere - Say goodbye to bulky chalk boxes! Our jumbo kids chalk kit comes in a handy rectangular bucket with a handle for easy storage and hauling. So, kids can create outdoor artworks wherever and whenever they please.
  • Creativity-Inspiring, Child-Safe Gift - Our non toxic chalks have no harmful materials, making them safe for kids and toddlers. You can give this sidewalk chalk set as birthday presents, party favors and more!

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